Tim Nemeckay

Founder Mine Shaft Brewing (MSB)& Cali Orchards Hard Sparkling Water MSB. Crowdfunding.

Founder Entrepreneurship Branding Business Development Consulting

Timing is everything in business; there are two types of people, those that recognize the value of being at the right place at the right time and those that don’t.

Creating and driving the vision and getting others to buy into the vision and embrace the vision creates great companies.

“DRIVEN. If I had to capture myself in one word, that would be it. No matter what business or project I’m working on, I bring drive and vision.  Small business or huge business like Mine Shaft Brewing – it doesn’t matter. I see things others don’t see in themselves and the possibilities of a business and create a vision.  Seeing potential where others see tough times. When what’s needed is the drive, energy, vision, and storytelling. Push up people – and the potential is limitless.” 

Tim understands crowdfunding is an authority on private equity and has raised million dollars for his own companies and helped other companies in the private sector