Thihan Tun

I have worked in USA over 20 years as a small business owner. I am in Myanmar now.

I had worked in food manufacturing industry for 14 years, in retail industry for almost 18 years in US. I have extensive knowledge/experiences of FDA, USDA, third party audits in USA. I have been back and forth USA and Myanmar for 36 times. I have been doing R & D in Myanmar for over 2 years and I have many valuable info about Myanmar. I have been collecting contacts in Myanmar, & US some from EU, Japan. I have deep knowledge about Myanmar. I have clear vision/wider image/positive future trend how to work in Myanmar in positive direction. I am very good how to manage/handle/find people, set up a team for success endeavor. I have MANY friends in many different sectors government/private/non-profit in Myanmar who are very valuable in planning/programming/implementing the business. I speak fluent English/Myanmar. 

My cell in Myanmar 09-2450694, 01-845-656-5004 (Only work when I am in MM or US)

My FB page