Stefanie Marco

Brand Alchemist

Founder Inspiration Leadership Writing Branding

10+ years creating and launching luxury brands and campaigns.

Creative Brand Strategist, 2 time Webby Award Nominee and native New Yorker, Stefanie has her finger on the pulse. She started training as a method actress at age 11, working with directors Sofia and Francis Ford Coppola, Michel Gondry, Allen Arkush and Terrence Winter. She can be spotted in 90s cult film KIDS directed by Larry Clark. Stefanie began bartending at Coffee Shop in Union Square at 18 while moonlighting as a pioneer of NYC nightlife. Using the alias Blaise, she broke down barriers in music within the UK subculture of Drum and Bass as a fast talking lyricist and powerful vocal siren. She discovered her unique talent for flavor development working at buzzing bars to support her artist lifestyle. This has since lead her to pursue a radical career curating brands, beverages, culture, experiences and content that bring like-minded people together in the spirit of community, celebration, great taste and the good life.