Mike Wittenstein

Inspiring and Articulate Strategic Storyteller, Experience Designer, Founder, Speaker

Branding Founder Consulting Public Speaking Influencer

I never thought I'd be a storyteller or coach. All you need is a look at the English grades on my high school report card to figure that out ;-) Now, story is at the core of everything I do. About 20 years ago I learned that great stories (about you or your brand) come from great experiences (with you or your brand). Now, I help others use story and experience to accomplish their objectives, make their pivots, and change their strategies. 

If you choose to work with me, you'll find me to be an inspiring, articulate,  incredibly perceptive listener, and a fast thinker partner for you.
So, now you know about me. At work, I've helped about 700 companies understand the power of combining story and experience with purpose since starting StoryMiners in 2002. If you're a leader staring down a pivot, let's talk.