Mark Khachaturian

I have a PhD from MIT with 10+ years in technology & medical devices.

Founder Leadership Math Tutoring Business Development Education

I am the Chief Technology Officer of a startup medical technology company.  I have been an entrepreneur for 5 years and started my first business at 24 when I was a student at MIT (Cambridge, MA).  I have lead teams of 130 engineers.  

On the personal side, I was born in Birmingham, MI. I was a very competitive baseball player till I was 18 traveling the country and playing against a number of future major league ball players. This has put me in a very unique position in industry as not only a technology leader but a leader of people.  

I really enjoy sharing my experience on entrepreneurship, leadership, education, math, business development, fund raising, and general career development. 

I have my own consulting company (14 years old) providing advise on my areas of expertise should a more serious opportunity arise.