Kelly Cavanaugh

Elevate Smart Coffee Expert

Ok, I'm an expert on more topics than Elevate smart coffee, but I'm willing to take on answering any questions about the new, nootropic-infused happy coffee, so bring it! All Elevacity products are open for discussion. I've been an Elepreneur since April 1st, but I went to Dallas to meet Elepreneurs Founder, & Ceo, Robert Oblon, in March, the month prior to signing on. I had to scope it out, and make sure it was right for me. Upon arrival, I was greeted by West Benson - who was to become a dear friend - who lead me to the back where Robert "shared his vision". Well, Robert has been one to 'think big' for quite some time, but so am I, so I liked his ideas. Long story short (too late), I said count me in, and I'll write more about this experience elsewhere... like on my website. You can go there if you want to join Elevacity, too! Of course, you'll also find: Elevate Smart Coffee!! ☕