Gary Livingston

President of 805Startups, UX/Experience Designer, Photographer


What I do

  • Run 805 Startups (, @805startups)
  • Interview entrepreneurs, investors, corporate leaders, and government officials
  • Organize various events to support community development, workforce development, and economic development
  • Help others get going or find their way towards success

What I am working on

  • Convincing all the different stakeholders in my regional economy to collaborate together
  • A hybrid incubator/accelerator program
  • A nationwide scouting program

My Mission

  • Explore new best practices suited for the Information Era and encourage those around me to be brave enough to let go of the old ways in order to help us all progress as a society


  • Former Band Manager
  • Event Producer
  • Professional Photographer (Published--portraits, concerts, NHL games)
  • Serial Entrepreneur
  • 3x Startup Founder
  • Interviewed over 100 people with the goal of inspiring and educating others
  • Have designed experiences and developed communities for over 20 years