Dr. Kent Gustavson

Visibility Strategist ➟ Turning Experts into Thought Leaders ♔

Founder Branding Consulting Public Speaking Entrepreneurship

I choose to work with people who make a difference.

I work as both "business therapist" and "kingmaker" for ideas, humans, and organizations. I came honestly by this trade of ideation, intellectual property extraction, and thought leadership development: I was born to a developmental pediatrician and a poetry therapist, both of them bicameral-thinking healers of minds, bodies, and spirits. 

First it was a book and a speech. Clients who brought a script or an idea to me asked for wordsmithing and design. Sensing a sea change coming in the world of publishing, In 2005, I founded independent book publisher, Blooming Twig, releasing hundreds of books, winning awards, and standing for "books that matter".

Much to my joy, I have now become a town crier, a social media savant, and a serial entrepreneur. I am committed to working with individuals and businesses who have the courage to step out and be unabashedly unique.