Cynthia Jaggi

Global Strategist 🌳 Growing businesses where financial success creates social change.

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I choose to work with people who make an impact.

My holding company, Living Economy, is a regenerative business development company, investing in and actively growing businesses where financial success creates social change. There we've built a collaborative and intentional hive of impact-centered companies, with the following focus areas:

  • Food, Fiber + Water
  • Health + Wellness
  • Media + Education
  • Financial Innovation
  • Technology including Crypto and Blockchain
  • Infrastructure

Lean Start-up named me a Lead Ambassador for my work bringing lean to the intersection of business, finance + social impact. 

As the first employee of the Inc 5000 Management Consulting firm Fitzgerald Analytics and later a Partner, I advised Fortune 500 Executives on the pipeline from Data to Dollars, and co-founded the Social Sector practice. 

My life's work is to co-create a Living Economy with people and planet at the center. I am committed to working with individuals and businesses who are creating a living economy today.