Cory Thomsen

Spiritual Wellness Coach for Moms in Consulting

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Wish you had a personal cloning machine? If you're exhausted from the struggle to balance work and home life - constantly guilty about what you're missing at home and worried about work stuff while you're with your littles - I'm FOR you. As a former Big 4 HR leader, turned intuitive spiritual coach, I help you create the boundaries you need for inner peace and fulfillment.

- Navigate transitions (career changes, decision to have a(nother) child, part-time, work from home, return to work after maternity leave)

- Uncover what's holding you back from asking for what you need

- Discover what people in your life are mirroring back to you

- Unpack career opportunities and what they could mean for you

- Find and plug your energy leaks

- Work within the genius zone for your personality type