Jeffrey M Prottas

Founder and Managing Partner of Nonprofit-360 Consulting, LLC

Founder Consulting Entrepreneurship Leadership Business Development

Jeffrey is a seasoned community leader and nonprofit executive with experience positioning organizations for financial and programmatic growth.  He has nearly 30 years of experience developing programs that meet the needs of multiple constituencies using programmatic success to leverage increased investment by investors.  Jeffrey is adept at facilitating change to support organizational objectives through new strategies, processes, technologies, and leadership development.  He has a strong background in financial resource development, communications and marketing, strategic planning, project and organizational leadership, human resource development, talent acquisition and retention, and public speaking.  He has worked in a variety of settings including the faith-based community, education, youth and camping, human services, child protection, animal rescue, healthcare, financial, and legal services.

He has helped raise over $50m to support communities across the United States and abroad.