Judy Garfinkel

Effective, thoughtful career transition and job search coaching powered from the heart!

 Whether you are seeking a more meaningful and satisfying career or need practical help with your job search, I use my expertise and outstanding skills to support your goals. My career clients find my help targeting jobs, writing resumes & cover letters, preparing for interviews, managing stress and more - invaluable! I work with new college graduates, mid-career professionals looking for a change, and those re-entering the the workforce who feel "between dreams." Let's talk! 

Prior to becoming a Board Certified Coach, my careers were in education (professional development, mentoring, teaching) and the performing arts (professional dancer). Beyond my degrees, certifications and years of experience working with growth and change, I have a knack for identifying what is essential in you and supporting you to reach beyond where you are now. It's my superpower.

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