Fred DeFalco

42 Years+ Personal & Professional Coach, Providing Answers, in Real Estate, Business, & Life.

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I have 42+ years’ practice in business and personal development, in reality, 84 + years, I have always put forth double effort & double time to learn, practice & experience all aspects of business,  personal development, and living life, especially in the real estate industry. At 65 I am working from the platform of love & care. I will assist you to achieve a "Life Plan" (not just a business plan) that will BE FUN, accelerate your net income, give you "more financial freedom, and "TIME FREEDOM."  Too many are so busy with life & business they forget the most important person in the entire world, themselves. Williams James is known as the Father of American Psychology, my approach to success is based on his work in Pragmatism & Functionalism. My personal philosophy is "Success is The Artful Management of Failures & Setbacks." There are many gurus in "How To" I am the guru in self discovery, you are already successful, if you have desire, I will get you to find it.