Brian Williams

Sales | Strategist | Merchant | Marketer | Growth Hacker

I AM: A thinker who is always looking for ways to improve everything.

WHAT I DO: I drive company growth by building relationships and using data.

My MOTTO: Difficult takes a day, impossible takes a week is my moto


Brian is the kind of guy any company would be lucky to have. He's friendly, always optimistic, and fiercely loyal. At CPO, Brian excelled in a fast-paced, highly detail-oriented environment, doing a job that few others could handle. His willingness to roll up his sleeves to get work done served as a role model for others. Michael Ugino, Co-founder & CMO, Sellbrite 

I've worked with Brian for about two years and one thing is clear: Brian is a doer. When he says something will be completed, it happens. Brian's diverse background and operating knowledge of CPO allows him to operate more efficiently than any buyer I have ever worked with. He always know what he needs to make a decision and where / how to get it. Mike Oppor, Bosch Tools